You are my Sunshine, Ocean Sunfish

Updated: Feb 26

The ocean sunfish is a species of fish, which is pretty obvious from its' name. The ocean sunfish is one of the heaviest/boniest fish. The ocean sunfish lives in tropical waters all over the globe. Here are some facts about the ocean sunfish.

  1. The scientific name for the ocean sunfish is mola mola.

  2. The length of an adult ocean sunfish is 5.9 ft.

  3. The average speed of an adult ocean sunfish is 2mph.

  4. The average lifespan of an ocean sunfish is 10 years.

  5. Females can lay up to 300 million eggs.

  6. There are different types of sunfish. Some of the types are...the common sunfish, the hoodwinker sunfish, the sharptail sunfish, and the slender sunfish.

  7. The ocean sunfish has very rough skin, so though, that its bulletproof.


Ocean Sunfish:

Mola Mola (Ocean...):

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