12 Interesting Facts About Whale Sharks

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

The whale shark is the largest living species of fish. It is slow-moving, and filter-feeding. The largest whale shark ever recorded was 18.8 meters long! It is also the largest living non-mammalian vertebrate.

1. The mass of an adult whale shark is 41,000 lbs.

2. The average length of a whale shark is 18-33 feet long.

3. The whale shark's scientific name is Rhincodon typus.

4. The average speed of a whale shark is 3 mph.

5. Whale shark's eat plankton and will travel to extraordinary lengths to find food.

6. Whale shark's will also travel enormous lengths to reproduce.

7. Whale sharks can be found in any types of tropical oceans.

8. Whale sharks are white spotted, making them easy to recognize.

9. Females give birth to living young but has not yet been observed by humans.

10. Young whale sharks are very rarely found.

11. Adults can feed at the surface or as far down as 1,000 meters below ocean level.

12. Whale sharks are protected against fishing but their population is still decreasing.

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