What can YOU do to promote Ocean Conservation?

Updated: May 1, 2021

Without fail, there is constant destruction and pollution of our ecosystems, and havoc is wreaked on our beautiful oceans and seas. Whether you've seen the effects of this yourself, read about the consequences of human actions towards our bodies of water, or even if you know nothing about the topic, there are things you can be doing to help slow the decline of our oceans and the organisms that live within them. It seems like an overwhelming task, but listed below will be some simple things you can be doing to help save our oceans, and the beautiful creatures that live within!

Skip The Straw!

This is an effort to keep plastic straws out of the ocean, as inevitably they are not able to decompose fast enough in our landfills. They end up inside of our oceans, and creatures like sea turtles, albatross, and fish try, or actually eat them. Straws are extremely harmful to these organisms, as their bodies are not made to process plastic and like materials. Choosing to skip the straw while eating our or grabbing a drink is a small, but necessary step towards stopping the spread of harmful pollution that hurts our wild life. At the link below, you can sign a pledge to skip the straw and take a personal stand for conservancy.


Conserve Your Water

Conserving your water is an extremely simple way to help the ocean. The less water you use, the less runoff and wastewater makes its way into our oceans. With this, our oceans will not be as polluted and will ultimately add to humanity's fight to preserve one of our world's greatest treasures.

Reduce Your Pollutants

Our oceans are negatively affected by pollutants created from human-made products. A simple way to avoid this is to only purchase products with nontoxic chemicals, and to dispose of chemicals such as herbicide, pesticide, and cleaning products in a safe way, so it will not make it into the ocean and harm our creatures.

Reduce Waste

This is a task that could not be more easy; cut down on how many things you throw away. Too much of the waste we throw away ends up in the ocean, so it's healthy to cut down on single use plastics and other types of disposable items. If we can do this, hopefully the amount of trash that reaches the oceans and harms the reefs and every other aspect of the the ocean and it inhabitants will be much safer.

Shop Wisely

Spending money on sustainable seafood, and making sure you bring reusable bags to cut down on the manufacturing and distribution of single use plastics is an undemanding way to help save our oceans.

While the ocean conservancy effort is a huge task, that doesn't mean we can't take little steps towards the goal of preserving our oceans for many years to come. It's up to us to be the change, and work for the safety of our oceans.



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"ocean"by Douglas A Lewis is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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