A cancer-detecting bullet that makes a fashion statement!

Introducing the Mantis Shrimp. The Mantis Shrimp is neither a mantis nor a shrimp, but rather a crustacean. However, these animals are ferocious. They have some mean forelimbs, which can pack some serious damage. What meal each Mantis Shrimp puts on the table differs based on their hunting style. There are two ways: spearing or clubbing, neither of which is a picnic at the park for their food. Mantis shrimp who club their prey eat animals like clams, snails and smaller crustaceans. Mantis shrimps who spear their prey eat softer animals like worms, squid, and fish.

The hunt is on! While Mantis shrimp are already so interesting, they really show their colors as they look for food. Scientists believe that Mantis Shrimp have the most complex vision of any predator, with great color and depth perception, as well as polarization sensitivity. The most fascinating fact, however, is that they could detect cancer and neuron activity! Talk about visually armed!

Back to the claws! Mantis shrimp show no mercy while hunting. Their forearms are their weapons. These spring-loaded forearms lash out at 23 m/s, the same velocity as a gunshot from a .22 caliber rifle. In addition, these Mantis Shrimp have even been known to punch through aquarium glass and their own reflection! Another interesting fact is that their speed is so fast, it creates captivation bubbles that reach the heat of the surface of the sun! So even if the Mantis shrimp misses, it still manages to boil its prey. Wow! Isn't amazing!!

While Mantis Shrimp are tough hunters that always bring in their target cold, they leave some time for family as well! They are smart enough to have life-long relationships and even greet their neighbors! All in all, Mantis shrimp are highly unique animals that have been even older than dinosaurs. While they may not be the friendliest on the road, they certainly make up for this by their hunting skills, amazing vision, and enhanced thinking!

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