The Spotted Eagle Ray; a Timid Charm

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Spotted Eagle Ray

Scientific name: Aetobatus narinari

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The spotted eagle ray is a unique and extremely shy creature.

They are very close to being endangered because of their unique look, as they are covered in white grayish spots all over their black, dark gray or bluish angular body. Their fins resemble those of a bird; those fins are not just for show, but they help guide the ray along the ocean floor. The fins are also broad, with pointed tips.

The spotted eagle ray can grow up to a width of 10.8 feet and weigh 507 pounds. When the spotted eagle ray is attacked or feels threatened, they can use their whip-like tail to attack their aggressor. This rarely happens because of the creature's shy and docile nature.

The spotted eagle ray could be found in shallow waters, including bays and coral reefs. They can be found in nearly every tropical environment, especially in Australia and Brazil. Spotted eagle rays are known to be scavenger hunters, eating shrimps, bivalves, crabs, octopus and worms, whelks, and small fishes.

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