• Sam Schaefer

The Piping Plover

The piping plover is a beautiful bird that hides in plain sight on the beaches of the Atlantic coast. Their sandy backs help them camouflage in the sand. Other features of these magnificent birds include a black ring on their necks, a white belly, orange beak with a black spot, and a black stripe on the forehead. The piping plover got its name from its whistle-like peeps.

The piping plover was common until the 19th century. They are now endangered because they were killed for their sandy colored feathers to make hats.

This bird makes its nests in the open, and those nests are unfortunately smashed for fun. Modification to shorelines makes nests considerably more vulnerable. Their eggs are also well-camouflaged so vehicles run them over unknowingly.

The diet of the piping plover includes crustaceans, marine worms, insects, and mollusks.

The piping plover is an endangered species and is unique and beautiful.




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