The Human Footprint on Earth

Soyang Nangsotsang 6.29.21

What is the Human Footprint?

Every decision we make in our society contributes to the price of endangering the environment and planet. Our daily activities such as going to the bank, watching movies, leaving lights on, driving in an engine, using an air conditioned room all withdrawn natural resources from earth which encourage pollution, global warming, and ocean/wildlife endangerment. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, "human footprint", it is a term used to describe our activity on Earth and our presence living on earth/ aka our influence on the globe. Many factors like the ones I mentioned are used to track and monitor our behaviors towards the environment.

What earth resources do humans use most often which leave a footprint?


-Natural Gases




How do those resources affect the environment and leave a footprint?

The resources I listed above all contribute to global warming. Which as many of you know, are one of the biggest challenges Earth faces today. Global warming causes many natural disasters, animal endangerment, and fails to protect Earths wildlife.

Common inquiry: So if this so called human footprint is so bad? what are we supposed to even do about it? I mean we cant not exist and not survive right...?

My response:

Well reader, there are hundreds and thousands of group and individual efforts we can work on to help improve Earth and measure our impact positively. Although it is true that we cant not use important necessities such as gasoline, the engine, and electricity, we can limit the use of those resources and even replace it. Another thing that is common in the human footprint is our diet. Surprisingly enough, most of us are meat eaters and this contributes also to the foot industry (how? well many companies trash foods that are not bought and this causes pollution and global warming because electricity and natural gases are used preserving, selling, and manufacturing these foods). If you live on a plant based or vegan diet, it is much better for the planet. It is also healthier for you too! Bonus.

Common inquiry: Is Ecological Footprint same as the Human Footprint?

Yes it is. Both terms can be used, the professional term is indeed Ecological. However, just because more people are familiar with the non scientific term, I used "Human".

Common Inquiry:

Who monitors our activity/our footprint?

Great question. We don't need anyone to monitor anything for us when we see our impact on the planet and the oceans. It is clear to see that pollution exists, global warming exists, and oceans/animals/wildlife are being endangered. However, if we are being real real, there are many data scientists and wildlife organizations that track our activities. For example, Global Footprint Network, National Geographic Society, USDA Forest Service, EJOLT, and so many more organizations, societies, networks, and services use information based on the trends of global warming to help spread awareness, educate, and document our activities. Without their help we would not be able to see our negative impact and teach ourselves how to be better ally's to Earth.

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