The First Trace of Global Warming

Soyang Nangsotsang 6.29.21

What was the Industrial Revolution?

This is not a history class but Ive come to inform that this one event in history played one of the worlds biggest roles in the development of Earth. Its significance was that during this time, new inventions such as electricity, gasoline, and coal productions was heavily increasing- creating the first trace of global warming. The Revolution was basically the transition to new manufacturing productions across Europe and the United States. When trends of using the similar oil, coal, and fuel productions expanded, it eventually began to take over every other country. Soon making this a universal pattern.

Was it really that bad? What about the Industrial Revolution was harmful?

During the Industrial Revolution, the new course of burning fossil fuels rose. Not long after, almost every nation followed the trend and soon we were all burning fossil fuels. For those of you who don't know, burning fossil fuels is extremely damaging and harmful for the environment because it emits a number of many air pollutants that play a dangerous role in the environment, public health, and planet. In short terms, its pollution and contributes to global warming, greenhouse gases, and the endangerment of animals/oceans/and wildlife in society.

How does this relate to beaches and oceans?

It is always good to know the root of problems. If we can know the history of our issues to this present day, it will help progress forwards as a society. We cannot bury the past and expect new generations to know why preserving the ocean matters. As I mentioned multiple times, beaches and oceans are affected by pollution and global warming- all of which started in the Industrial Revolution.

So what is the getaway out of this article??

The intention of this article is seek the root of the issue. How us humans developed and how our ecological footprint created a massive impact on the environment, society, and planet we live in. This article was used to support my previous article on, "The Human Footprint on Earth". We can infer that it was the start of this specific event, the Industrial Revolution, that also first started our ecological footprint on the planet. To add on, this is for educational purposes and reasonably connects back to how it effects the oceans and beaches.

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