Sea Otters!

"Mirror, Mirror, on the Ocean- Who's the Cutest of Them All?" The Magic Mirror responds, "Sea Otter, Thou is the Cutest of All!"

Sea Otters have built quite the reputation for being adorable, no doubt, but there is more to them than eye meets! These otters are also famous for being able to use tools, a skill that few animals other than humans are able to utilize. One of the fascinating techniques is similar to an anvil. The otter places the anvil, usually a rock, on its stomach, and then pounds its meal, like a mussel, on the rock until it breaks! Wow! This trait can vary among otters living in different locations, but their is no denying the amazement of an otter using tools!

Not only are these otters super smart, but they are also superheroes! They eat villainous sea urchins, which actually snack on helpless kelp forests! These sea urchins would completely eliminate kelp forests if it was not for the service of sea otters, which keep them in check! Kelp forests are imperative in providing a habitat to creatures. Sea Otters truly are magnificent!

Otters are highly social as well! They love playing with each other, and they are famous for holding hands! Ahhh! That’s so cute! They have been known to form rafts, with 10 to 1000 otters members each!

Another unique fact is that they have the thickest fur out of any animal to make up for the lack of blubber! Talk about being warm! There are over 1 million hairs per square inch! Staying warm for these otters is certainly a challenge. Along with the fur solution, they also eat over 40% of their weight every day in order to stay warm! They have a rich diet, with over 100 different meals on the table.

Unfortunately, every benefit has its drawbacks. Their fur needs to be spotless for absorbing air, being the reason they groom themselves so much. If an oil spill occurs, their dirty furs could lead to hypothermia, making them one of the most heavily affected animals.

These unique animals deserve to be saved! Let’s do our part and help these animals live!

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