People Power Brings Victory to "Save Our Skibbereen"

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Since many governments have banned single-use plastics in order to raise awareness about the crisis of ocean plastic pollution, people have been expressing their concern about pollution coming from plastic manufacturing factories.

The citizens of Skibbereen have been fighting the very same fight since 2017. They have been trying to stop plans to open a plastic-pellet manufacturing plant in their beloved town.

But Why?

Residents said that the facility, like all factories, will pollute the air as well as the water of their town, all while harming the quality of life. But the biggest concern is that the establishment of such an establishment threatens the local marine-based economy. The world is already filled with countless polluted water bodies and is now on the verge of getting another one added to the list.

So What Now?

Activists along with the residents, who named this movement "Save Our Skibbereen" (SOS), have been campaigning against the factory plans for years; and now they have finally won since their appeals and oppositions had a great impact on the authorities. Attention was finally paid to the concern of the future impact the manufacturing facility would create.

This shows how people uniting can be far more powerful than anyone's greed for profits.


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