Octopus Spotlight: Rambo, the Photographer Octopus

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

We all have special talents and Rambo's doesn't fall short! Rambo is an octopus that has been trained to work a camera. Settle down as we travel into Rambo's life.

Rambo is an octopus that lives in wonderful Auckland, New Zealand. She lives in Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium.

Rambo was trained to take pictures of people, guests, using a waterproof camera. This camera, a $300 Sony Cyber-shot TX30, is installed in her tank where she lives. Rambo knows to take a picture everytime she hears a buzzer. She is "programmed" to do this. It only took a short time for Rambo to understand to take a picture when she hears a buzzer. Rambo nailed it in three repetitions. Rambo views this as a game-every time the buzzer buzzes, snap a photo!

Mark Vette is Rambo's trainer. Mark Vette comments that, "She [Rambo] loves the game now". The aquarium trained Rambo to take pictures to raise awareness about how smart and intelligent octopi are and how great the waterproof camera is. During a video, people were implying that octopi are smart than dogs. Sorry dog lovers!

People can purchase the pictures Rambo takes of them for only $2 (about $1.88 in Canadian currency). This money goes towards aquarium operations and programs. However, sometimes Rambo's tentacles get in the way. But you'll still have a wonderful picture and an even better memory of the experience.

However, Rambo also demonstrated her strength on day 2. She ripped off the camera and smashed it to bits, demonstrating her strength. Unquestionably, Rambo is an amazing photographer!


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