7 Interesting Facts About the Megamouth Shark

Not to be confused with the megalodon shark, the megamouth shark is a deepwater creature that is very rarely seen by humans, and it is the smallest filter-feeder shark. It was discovered in 1976, and only 100 specimen have been known to exist.

1. The scientific name for the megamouth shark is Megachasma pelagios.

2. Megamouth sharks live everywhere from the surface to 15,000 feet under the water.

3. Scientists believe that megamouth sharks come to the surface at night and mostly live in the dark.

4. The predators of the megamouth sharks are sperm whales, orcas, and other types of sharks.

5. The average weight of the megamouth shark is 1,760 pounds.

6. The average length of the megamouth shark is 16 feet.

7. Megamouth sharks were first discovered in Hawaii, but more sightings of the megamouth sharks have occured off the coast of California.


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