Flight 19: Part 1 of the Devil's Triangle

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

The Bermuda Triangle strikes fear in the hearts of the public... as well as scientists. This mysterious triangle is a triangle that roughly runs from southern Florida southeast through the Bahamas to Puerto Rico, then north to Bermuda, and back to Florida. This 140,000 square-mile section claimed over a thousand unfortunate souls into a void unknown. What can be the cause of this? Welcome to the Devil's Triangle Series, here to answer all your pressing questions of the strange phenomenon.

We shall start with the most tantalizing case that displayed the most proof that a strange, supernatural if you may, force was lurking in the Bermuda Triangle. Radio operators, confused on what on Earth was going on, were in contact with the crew of Flight 19 on their last day of living. Flight 19, part of the Navy Avengers, took off on routine practice run from Fort Lauderdale Naval Air Station in Florida. The entire flight was expected to take less two hours. Lieutenant Charles Taylor, a Navy pilot with six years of experience, was in charge of Flight 19.

The case gets highly mysterious after this. Flight 19 took place in perfect flying weather: clear skies and a light wind. Yet Taylor, the highly experienced pilot, did not know where he was or which way Flight 19 had to go. Taylor said, "We don't know which way is west. Everything is wrong . . . strange. We can't be sure of any direction- even the ocean doesn't look as it should!"

Radio communication started to break up. The radio operators asked Taylor to change the radio frequency, but Taylor said no as he was afraid that he would lose communication with his fellow pilots.

Authorities learned from the radio transmission that Taylor thought that Flight 19 was over the Gulf of Mexico, and they were flying east in order to hit Florida. In reality, they were heading further out in the Atlantic Ocean.

As Flight 19 flew around the Atlantic ocean with no knowledge of where they were, their gas steadily dropped. They had enough fuel for six hours, or a thousand miles. Transmissions, from garbled, actually disappeared. No one knows what happened to them. Even if they had run out of fuel, they had rafts on board. No rafts or sight of the crew were ever found.

The loss of Flight 19 prompted one of the most thorough investigations in the U.S. military history. More than three-hundred aircrafts and three dozen ocean ships were launched to salvage the wreckage of Flight 19 and see if they could rescue the crew. Even 930 air sorties that examined 250,000 square miles in 5 days found no trace of the doomed crew of Flight 19.

Authorities also discovered that Taylor had said, "Don't come after me." in the radio communication. Was he perhaps warning the military to not come into some supernatural danger? Maybe they were sucked into a black hole, or aliens experimented on them?

Furthermore, there were reports of strange flashes and other unidentified objects in the sky that evening.

What could have happened? We will be going over that in the next article of ”The Devil's Triangle.”


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