Basking Shark

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

While the whale shark takes 1st place for the largest living shark, the basking shark makes a close 2nd place. The basking shark is one of three plankton eating sharks! Adults can grow to be 7.9 meters long. The coloring of the basking shark is usually a mix of brown and gray.

Interesting facts about the basking shark:

1. The mass of the basking shark can be up to 11,000 pounds as an adult.

2. The population status of the basking shark is vulnerable because the population is decreasing.

3. The scientific name for the basking shark is Cetorhinus maximus.

4. The maximum size for the basking shark is 45 feet.

5. Basking sharks live worldwide in both warm and cold waters, except if tropical waters.

6. Basking sharks are filter feeders.

7. Basking sharks eat planktonic prey.


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