8 Facts about the Unicorns of the Ocean

Narwhals are very magical looking and often referred to as the "unicorns of the ocean". Let's dive down deep and unearth some wonderful facts about these lovely animals.

  1. General: Narwhals are a type of whale, relating to the Orca and Beluga. Narwhals are also called moon whales.

  2. Males vs. Females: Male and female narwhals are as different as male and female humans. Male narwhals can be identified by their unicorn-like tusks, which is actually a tooth. Females don't have a long tusk, however, in some cases, a few females do have a short tusk. Males are bigger than females, can weigh 1-2 tons, and grow to be 16-20 feet long. That's almost as tall as a giraffe!

  3. Appearance: When you imagine a narwhal, what color do they appear? Narwhals are actually black with white stripes or spots. Also, narwhals have a curved tail that helps them swim better in the water. The narwhals' trademark tusk actually spirals, like a unicorn's horn. Curiously, narwhals can have two long tusks instead of just one. Did you know that narwhal tusks were thought to be unicorn horns? The tusk can grow to be 10 feet long! Narwhals only have two teeth. The long protruding one, is one of the teeth. The tusks are actually quite interesting. They are covered with tons of tiny holes and nerve endings. These holes let in seawater, but there is no evidence to what the tusk is used for.

  4. Babies: Baby narwhals, unlike adult narwhals, aren't black, but blueish-grayish. When female narwhals give birth to their baby, called a calf, the baby is about five feet long.

  5. Habitat: Narwhals live in icy cold waters of the Arctic. Unless you can stand the cold temperatures, good luck swimming with a narwhal!

  6. Diet: Narwhals have a range of food that they eat. They like eating shrimp, squid, cod, and fish.

  7. Predators: Sadly, narwhals do have some predators. Orca whales are the narwhals' top predator. Funnily, orcas are also part of the whale family. Sorry narwhals!

  8. Fun Facts: A group of narwhals is called a pod. Narwhals can be seen swimming on their stomachs. Narwhales communicate by whistles and clicks. Narwhals can live up to 50 years.


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