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Hello! Thank you for visiting! We are Beachlex, an organization run by high school student volunteers with a passion for oceanic life and for raising awareness about the environment. The purpose of this site is to provide educational content about the different creatures that exist in our oceans, and educate the general public about why these creatures should be protected. We also conduct interviews with various ocean conservation activists and organizations, which can be found here as well. We raise money to benefit the Ocean Conservancy, as well as to fund our own events, such as our beach cleanups! Donate and support us to help us protect all of the beautiful oceanic life that exists today.



Gabe O'Brien

Massachusetts, USA

Hi, I'm Gabe and I started Beachlex because I have always had a very strong passion for marine life (especially crabs). Every summer, my family and I vacation in Cape Cod, and at the beach we go to, different aquatic animals and crustaceans can be found virtually everywhere. Some of my favorite childhood memories consist of catching these creatures in the marsh, observing them, and then releasing them. I find these creatures fascinating and I deeply enjoy learning about their biology, lifestyles, diets, and how they survive in general. I also like to photograph these creatures, along with the natural beauty and historical landmarks of the Cape and Islands. I felt like I should share this passion with the world, so I created this organization to promote ocean conservation education to the general public, in turn raising awareness for these creatures and other important causes. Through education, we can truly make a difference and set up a sustainable future for generations to come.



Chaitrali Samant

Massachusetts, USA

I'm Chaitrali Samant, and I have always had a fascination with sea animals. Spending my childhood near the beach, I have always been interested in learning more about life in our oceans. Through Beachlex, I hope to share this fascination with the world and develop a greater interest in preserving this diverse and vast ecosystem. Through my love for marine life as well as computer science, I hope to share this information with you in new ways, and help you learn more about protecting ocean life!



Jacob Waxman

Massachusetts, USA

I am Jacob Waxman, and I love all sorts of wildlife. I especially enjoy ocean wildlife, as there are hundreds of thousands of species that all have their own unique qualities. The immense variety of coexistence and lifestyles of this grand scale of species piques my interest, and I look forward to helping inform you on their captivating attributes and more importantly, how to preserve and protect these distinctive species!  


Pranjal Chadda

Ontario, Canada

Hi, I'm Pranjal! Ever since I was young, I've always loved exploring the ocean. Over time, my love for marine biology and my reverence towards aquatic wildlife has made me a passionate advocate and educator around topics surrounding ocean conservation. Many issues threaten the livelihood of our magnificent oceans and the vibrant life within them, and I am a firm believer that education and awareness can lead to positive impactful change. I hope Beachlex allows you to unravel your passion for marine life and I look forward to engaging with you to further our mission!


Pamela Gold

Florida, USA

I'm Pamela! My passion for the ocean and its creatures began a couple years ago. I had the opportunity to see beautiful Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, rays, sharks, and sea turtles. I was immediately captivated and wanted to learn more. I am now so passionate about our oceans and want to protect them. I think Beachlex is the perfect way to educate others about the problems facing our oceans and wildlife and why they should care. I know that by joining this team, I am going to be able to raise awareness and help towards an amazing cause.


Janelle Feeney

Pennsylvania, USA

I’m Janelle Feeney, and since I was a kid I have been passionate about the ocean and marine life. My first time going to the beach was when I was around 10 years old, and I fell in love instantly. I spent every chance I could playing in the water, and it was impossible for my parents to get me out. My love for the beach led me to want to know everything I could about marine life. I watched so many documentaries, followed countless marine organizations, and read as much as I could about the topic. Through my research over the years, I discovered how badly humans treat marine life and the ocean in general. It breaks my heart that the thing I love most in the world is dying before my eyes. I know that through Beachlex, I can inspire and educate more people to protect the oceans and the beautiful life that inhabits it.


Sreya Ravi

Massachusetts, USA

My name is Sreya Ravi, and I have always loved nature and artwork. When I began exploring graphic design, I discovered Beachlex and was excited by the work they were doing. I joined as a graphic designer, and now manage a social media page for our friend, Coconut the Crab! I am proud of Beachlex and our supporters for the impact we are making on our planet. Marine life is important to protect, and with every action taken, our world becomes a better place.



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Gabe O'Brien - Massachusetts

Emma Starr - Massachusetts

Jacob Waxman - Massachusetts

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Conserving Our Oceans.

We are Beachlex, an international student-run organization dedicated to providing knowledge and promoting awareness about our oceans and the creatures that live within them. We do this through the blog on our website where our team of writers creates daily articles that discuss various ocean-related topics, ranging from articles about sea creatures to articles about climate change and pollution within our oceans. We also have daily Instagram posts created by our social media team that highlight interesting facts about various sea creatures as well as capture the natural beauty of the Cape and Islands. We organize fundraisers throughout the year and all of our proceeds go to the Ocean Conservancy. The goal of this is to raise as much awareness as possible for the vibrant ecosystem of creatures that exists within our oceans. Contact us if you are interested in joining us. If we work together now, it is still possible to reverse the damaging effects that humans have had on our oceans. Help us make a difference today!​


The Beachlex board of executives (from left) are Gabe O'Brien (Founder and President), Jacob Waxman (Vice President) and Chaitrali Samant (Vice President).